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eNews | Alaskans Standing Together | Issue #6 | October 28, 2010

Encouraging poll results for Lisa Murkowski
as campaign enters final week

Alaskans Standing Together today released the latest tracking poll in Alaska's U.S. Senate race. The poll from Hellenthal and Associates shows Sen. Lisa Murkowski strengthening her lead over both Republican Joe Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams.

In the head-to-head race, the poll shows:
Lisa Murkowski43.5%
Joe Miller29.1%
Scott McAdams22.7%

Even more encouraging for the incumbent senator, the trends established with weekly tracking polls show Murkowski gaining momentum while Joe Miller continues a decline and Scott McAdams showing a sharp drop in the last week.

Tracking Poll Chart

"The trend is clear. Sen. Murkowski continues to build support," said Marc Hellenthal of Hellenthal and Associates. "Miller's campaign gaffs of arresting journalists, refusing to discuss his background and the admitted lies about his employment at the Fairbanks North Star Borough are clearly hurting him. Meanwhile, as the other candidates target Scott McAdams with negative ads, his previous positive momentum was reversed sharply."

While the numbers are optimistic, Alaskans Standing Together will remain aggressive in its outreach and will continue to educate Alaska voters on the steps required to properly write in Lisa Murkowski's name on the ballot next Tuesday.

Sampson calls Miller 'bad dream'

Jim Sampson

Two-time Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Jim Sampson endorses Lisa Murkowski because she is "in the best position to beat Joe Miller."

"Joe Miller is like a 'bad dream,' a slick opportunist from Kansas who has no clue about the issues important to our state. My best description of Joe Miller is that he is a 'flim-flam' man," said Sampson, who also served as State Labor Commissioner and Chair of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp.

Read his statement here.

Write-in campaigns: From a guy who ran one

By Chuck Achberger
Anchorage Daily Planet

Much has been said about write-in campaigns in Alaska over the past five weeks. Since I was the campaign manager for Robin Taylor, Alaska's last statewide write-in campaign, allow me share some facts, among them is Lisa Murkowski can win.

In 1998, the Republican gubernatorial primary was between Robin Taylor and John Lindauer. The Republican Party leadership supported John Lindauer even though there was evidence of his flaws. Finally, when all was exposed they withdrew support from Lindauer and in turn backed Sen. Taylor.

With less than nine days before the general election, Robin Taylor had virtually no time and no money to inform voters on the write in process. He had no Internet, no iPhone, and no Twitter account. He started with no major endorsements and low statewide name recognition. Still, Robin Taylor fought to win. Over 40,000 voters supported his efforts. He had more votes than Lindauer, whose name was on the ballot, but not enough to win. A few thousand more ballots were thrown out, mostly because voters failed to "fill in the oval," a requirement which has been emphasized in Lisa Murkowski's current campaign

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– Peter Naoroz, Juneau Democrat


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