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eNews | Alaskans Standing Together | Issue #2 | October 13, 2010

Joe who?

Is it too much to ask that Alaskans know as much about a candidate's record as possible? Joe Miller thinks not. In an Oct. 11 press "statement," Joe said he's not going to answer another question about his "personal life" until after the election. Really, Joe? Alaskans Standing Together - along with thousands of Alaskans - wonders how we can trust a candidate who won't come clean about his track record.

The Anchorage Daily Planet penned a spot-on editorial. Read the article at the

More articles and editorials are appearing daily regarding Joe's decision to hide his past. Read more:

Joe who? Take two!

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Staring Oct. 18, you can submit your ballot by fax. You must fill out an application in order to receive a faxable ballot.

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You have a choice when it comes to the candidate who best represents the interests of Alaskans. Choose integrity and experience. Write-in Lisa Murkowski - and you must fill in that oval!

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