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Waffle #12: Anchorage Daily News calls out Joe Miller for cheating

Our view: Remember the code?
If Miller used computers to stack vote, that’s cheating

(10/19/10 18:48:20)

The honor code at the United States Military Academy is succinct and straightforward:

“A cadet will not lie, cheat, … Read the rest

Waffle #11: Miller admits he was disciplined for politicking on borough computers

LUNCH HOUR: Polling performed on co-workers’ computers; then their caches emptied to hide act.


Published: October 18th, 2010 09:53 PM
Last Modified: October 19th, 2010 07:43 AM

U.S. Senate nominee Joe … Read the rest

Weekly Waffle #10: Miller’s goons handcuff press for asking simple question

This afternoon after a scheduled Town Hall meeting at Central Middle School, candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Miller had his private security guards handcuff a reporter for asking questions.

Read the rest at andrewhalcro.comRead the rest

Waffle #9: Joe Miller asked to “retract and correct repeated misrepresentations he has made regarding his records”

Alaska Dispatch
The Fairbanks North Star Borough has asked U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller to allow the release of additional information from his personnel file.

In a letter sent Thursday to Miller’s attorney, Ward Merdes, … Read the rest

Waffle #8: Now Joe wants to take away our right to pick our U.S. Senator and turn it over to politicians.

By Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage —

Joe Miller’s statement that he supports repealing the 17th Amendment – a move that would take the ability to choose U.S. Senators away from individual voters and put it … Read the rest

Waffle #7: Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller tried to block Palin-Troopergate probe

Alaska Dispatch, Jill Burke

The year 2008 was a busy one for Joe Miller. An attorney in private practice who was also busy doing  part-time legal work for the Fairbanks North Star Borough, he was … Read the rest

Waffle #6: Miller bought Delta land with state agricultural loan

Patti Epler | Oct 1, 2010

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller bought a 1,000-acre tract of land near Delta Junction with a $77,400 state loan under a program aimed at promoting the development of Alaska … Read the rest

Waffle #5: Joe Miller Clouds Own Transparency

From Mudflats

Fails to File Disclosure and Could Face $50,000 Fine

Those inquisitive little devils over at Think Progress have just come in with this.

Sarah Palin-backed Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller (R-AK), who defeated … Read the rest

Waffle #4: Miller campaign removes Twitter posts criticized as presumptuous

Anchorage Daily News

Update: The Miller campaign today blamed a volunteer for inappropriate posts on the candidate’s Twitter page, reports the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

On Twitter Wednesday night, Joe Miller sounded as if he’d already … Read the rest

Waffle #3: Joe Miller Gets a Full Ride Scholarship to the University of the Flaming Pants.

From the Mudflats

Does Yale Law School have a course entitled Makin’ Stuff Up?  If they did, I bet Joe Miller aced it with his eyes closed.

Seems Lawyer Joe is forcing me to dust … Read the rest