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Ben Stein Calls Joe Miller A ‘Stupid’ Thug In Paper Whose Editor Was Handcuffed By Candidate’s Security

First Posted: 10-25-10 10:48 AM | Updated: 10-25-10 10:48 AM

Conservative thinker and comedic actor Ben Stein took to the pages of the Alaska Dispatch on Sunday to slam the state’s Tea Party candidate Joe … Read the rest

Politics vs. trust

Joe Miller should start talking honestly to Alaskans.

That’s what 40 prominent Alaska Republicans were trying to tell him in an open letter this past Wednesday and widely reported in the news media this week.… Read the rest

Alaska newspapers endorse Lisa

Three Alaska newspapers, including the state’s largest daily, have endorsed U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The Juneau Empire, Alaska Newspapers Inc., which publishes numerous weeklies, and Alaska’s largest daily, The Anchorage Daily News, … Read the rest

GOP official calls for party to stop false mailers

A Republican Party official has filed a complaint over a series of mailings the Alaska Republican Party has sent in support of Joe Miller.

Carol Brenckle, Chair District 33, sent the complaint to the Alaska … Read the rest

Alaska Newspapers Inc. Endorses Lisa Murkowski for US Senate

Oct. 20, 2010

When you’re going through hard times of any sort, the natural reaction is to look for support or advice from someone who’s seasoned, trustworthy, experienced. Alaska has its share of challenges right … Read the rest

Ds and Rs sue Division of Elections over write-in lists

Joshua Saul | Oct 25, 2010

The Alaska Democratic Party and the Alaska Republican Party are filing a lawsuit to stop the Division of Elections from providing lists of write-in candidates at voting places.

U.S. … Read the rest

Ben Stein: Good Old Tail-Gunner Joe Miller

Ben Stein | Oct 24, 2010

When we think of a dangerous politician in these United States, if we are of a certain age, we think of Broderick Crawford playing “Willy Stark,” the doppelganger for … Read the rest

A reverence for committee chairmen: Murkowski is poised to lead

by Jack Ferguson, Community Perspective

Every member of Alaska’s congressional delegation since statehood — Republican and Democrat alike — has delivered the same message: Alaskans must fight for their rights against an overbearing federal government … Read the rest

Make it Murkowski

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Story last updated at 10/24/2010 – 5:56 am

Make it Murkowski
Juneau Empire

Early voting in Alaska is now underway and we are urging a vote for Sen. Lisa Murkowski to … Read the rest

Our view: For the Senate, Lisa Murkowski

(10/23/10 19:55:24)

The last thing we need, as Alaskans or Americans, is more extreme partisanship in Washington, D.C. As the country suffers dire problems in need of solutions, finger-pointing, divisive rhetoric and political posturing have … Read the rest