It’s ‘V’ Day – so VOTE!

Lisa Murkowski
Alaskans head to the polls tomorrow for what may be the most important election since statehood.

At stake is our senior U.S. Senate seat – and Alaskans from every corner of the state say there’s just one choice: Lisa Murkowski.

Even the Anchorage Daily News says Lisa is The One: “Her unwillingness to adopt the shortsighted, scorched-earth approach of one wing of her party cost her the primary election. Yet that defeat — and the response of moderate Alaskans to it — has given Murkowski a golden opportunity to serve her constituents as neither of her rivals could.

“She took the first step to seize the moment when she decided to run as a write-in Republican. That was not the easy choice for her.

“Abandoned by her party leaders and even by some former allies in Alaska, scorned by tea-party activists, Murkowski owes them nothing. She is running where she truly lives — near the political center — and where she has rediscovered that most Alaskans and Americans live. The center is Murkowski’s natural habitat, where she first built a reputation as an honest, independent state lawmaker more than a decade ago.”

As former Governor Bill Sheffield points out, “Lisa’s a great senator just like her mentor, Ted Stevens. Experienced. Influential. A fighter who stands up for what’s right.”

Ralph Samuels, the conservative choice in the Republican gubernatorial primary, says he’s also voting Murkowski: “Lisa deeply cares about Alaska, has been a Republican her entire life and has the clout to fight for Alaska in Washington, D.C.”

As is former Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Jim Sampson. “She deeply cares about Alaska. She had the best mentor anyone could ever ask for in the late Senator Ted Stevens. Of the candidates, she is clearly the most qualified. And with her seniority, she is in the best position to represent Alaska in the United States Senate.

“And most importantly, she is in the best position to beat Joe Miller,” said the former Labor Commissioner and Alaska Permanent Fund Trustee.

Joe Miller won’t deliver for our state – and Scott McAdams can’t, a situation discussed by the Ketchikan Daily News in its editorial endorsing Lisa:

“The critical point is that Alaska might be left with no seniority within its Senate representation after the election. After enjoying Sen. Ted Stevens’ 40 years in the Senate, where he gained enviable and powerful positions as a result of his seniority, Alaska could become the state with the least seniority of all. This could last for at least the next decade.”

Please vote.