Anchorage Daily Planet says ‘It’s Murkowski’

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is our choice for the U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s election.

Alaska is poised at the edge of what could become an economic train wreck. Oil in the pipeline is declining. The proposed gas line is moving by fits and starts. Alaska’s economy is stalled. Murkowski is the right person for the state to have in Washington, D.C., to help steer us clear of the potential mess and keep the federal government at bay.

Her eight years of seniority, her knowledge of what works in the nation’s Capitol, along with her ability to work with her political opposition and her dedication to Alaska, make her the obvious choice for voters concerned about where the state is headed. The federal government will be a hard fact of life in Alaska for the foreseeable future, and having someone experienced, ready, able and willing to deal with its foibles is a more than good thing – it’s a matter of survival.

Alaskans can argue over her voting record, or whether she has always been conservative enough or what she did and when she did it, but this much is clear: She always has done what she sees as best for Alaska. That makes her a valuable asset for this young state.

We recognize she has a high hurdle to clear in appealing for write-in votes, but we also recognize that Alaskans who care about this state’s future will take the time and make the effort to do the right thing.

We urge your vote for Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Source: Anchorage Daily Planet