Waffle #4: Miller campaign removes Twitter posts criticized as presumptuous

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Anchorage Daily News

Update: The Miller campaign today blamed a volunteer for inappropriate posts on the candidate’s Twitter page, reports the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

On Twitter Wednesday night, Joe Miller sounded as if he’d already won the Alaska Senate election, tweeting that he should “do some house hunting” and “pick up some office furniture” during a trip to Washington. The New York Times and Washington Post report that the tweets quickly disappeared from Miller’s account after he was critized for “measuring the drapes,” a D.C. euphemism for presumptuousness before an election.

From The Times:

The campaign of Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent Republican senator who is now running a write-in campaign after Mr. Miller defeated her in their party’s primary, quickly seized on Mr. Miller’s Twitter stream, capturing a screen grab and sending it out under the subject, “Hubris.” …

“I think I’m going to quote someone else who Tweeted this,” said Steve Wackowski, a Murkowski campaign spokesman, when asked for comment. “For someone who wants to be a freshman senator, this is pretty sophomoric.”

No comment yet from the Miller campaign.Quantcast    QuantcastAdvertisement    Advertisement

Miller last ran into Twitter trouble for a tweet that seemed to link Sen. Lisa Murkowski to prostitution: “What’s the difference between selling out your party’s values and the oldest profession?”