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Borough confirms investigation took place

U.S. Senate Joe Miller’s personnel file contains documents related to an “investigation,” Alaska Dispatch has confirmed.

The new information adds weight to accusations that in March 2008 Miller was caught using borough computers for political … Read the rest

Miller has always been free to release his own files

10.11.10 – 03:31 pm

It’s been clear for months that the only thing stopping Alaskans from getting a better understanding of Joe Miller’s years as a part-time borough attorney is Joe Miller.

That is still … Read the rest

Alaska Senate candidate Miller refuses to answer questions about past

FAIRBANKS – U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller said today he’d reject pressure to talk about his former employment at the Fairbanks North Star Borough. He accused Alaska’s media corps of persecuting his campaign.

Miller left … Read the rest

Was Miller politicking on borough time?

By Jill Burke, Patti Epler and Joshua Saul | Oct 10, 2010

With new questions being raised about Joe Miller’s behavior as a Fairbanks North Star Borough attorney, Alaska Dispatch has asked borough officials to … Read the rest

Joe Miller: Mitch McConnell open to government shutdown

In an interview with the National Review, Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller said that if Republicans take over in November, they might shut down the government.

“I think there’s an understanding that the mood … Read the rest

Alaska Senate Race Becomes a Dead Heat

CREATED:10/07/2010 12:29:24 PM PDT

There are 27 days now until the midterm elections. In the battle for control of Congress, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement have been factors in … Read the rest

Fairbanks North Star Borough asks Miller to “retract and correct

Alaska Dispatch – Oct 8, 2010

The Fairbanks North Star Borough has asked U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller to allow the release of additional information from his personnel file.

In a letter sent Thursday to … Read the rest

A question for Joe Miller…..

There are higher income eligibility levels allowed by Denali Kid Care for pregnant
women. Denali pays for pregnancy care and childbirth. You can even qualify if
you have an option for other health insurance according

Read the rest

Strange world


Remember how Sarah Palin would fulminate against President Barack Obama for “palling around with terrorists” as she tried to link him to Bill Ayers, a former member of the radical Weathermen Underground … Read the rest

Conservative star Miller ran as a moderate before


Two Alaska politicians who knew Republican candidate Joe Miller before almost anyone else in Alaska say the Miller they were familiar with wasn’t the one they’re reading … Read the rest