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More Tea Party Hilarity

by Matt Taibbi

Quelle surprise! So it turns out that one after another of the Tea Party candidates is in one way or another mooching off the government. The latest series of hilarious disclosures center … Read the rest

But his name is Joe

Check out this song about Joe Miller called “But his name is Joe”.

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Internal Emails Reveal Joe Miller Campaign Distancing Itself from Tea Party

Sorry, Tea Party Sugar Daddy. Looks like your sweetie really isn’t that in to you. Now, don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t mind spending your money like a drunken sailor trying to stumble his way … Read the rest

Fight over Miller’s personnel records continues

By Rhonda McBride

12:00 AM AKDT, October 12, 2010



In his bid for the Senate, Joe Miller is feeling pressure from news organizations invoking First Amendment rights to investigate his background.

Miller … Read the rest

Alaska Dispatch sues for release of Miller’s records

Jill Burke | Oct 11, 2010

Alaska Dispatch’s pursuit for Miller’s personnel records

— Oct. 4: Letter from Alaska Dispatch to Fairbanks North Star Borough

— Oct. 7: Fairbanks North Star Borough letter to Miller… Read the rest

Former mayor: Alaska Senate candidate Miller ‘not truthful’ about borough employment

FAIRBANKS, Alaska – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller was nearly fired from his job as a borough attorney in 2008 after using borough computers in an attempt to oust the chairman of the Republican … Read the rest

Our view: No answers

(10/12/10 20:45:08)
Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller said Monday he wouldn’t answer any more questions about his background or personal matters, accusing some in the media of impropriety, and arguing that such questions are a … Read the rest

We may only have to vote for Joe once


(10/12/10 20:42:27)
I’m starting to think that Joe Miller’s campaign slogan should be, “I got mine and now I’ll do my best to see you don’t get yours.”

Mr. Miller has seemingly … Read the rest

Joe Miller: The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

October 13, 2010

Dear Joe,

We’re sorry. Yes that’s right, we’re sorry. We should have had more class than to ask those terribly irrelevent and personal questions about your work history, financial status and God … Read the rest

Take a breath

Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller should step back, take a deep breath and engage the news media to answer questions about his past rather than telling them they are being mean to him.

Nobody likes … Read the rest