The truth, the whole truth . . .

Joe Miller’s assertion that the Anchorage School District required that he hire security guards for a Central Middle School town hall campaign meeting turns out to be false. That is more than a little disturbing, but certainly not surprising.

Mind you, that’s despite his telling that fib to at least two cable television shows and anybody else who would listen.
The district says Miller only had to provide a “hall and parking lot monitor, and advise participants of school district courtesy and food rules,” the Anchorage Daily News reported.

The trademarks of Miller’s campaign so far – aside from classic arrogance – have been the half-truth and the outright lie – about everything from Lisa Murkowski’s Senate record to being required to hire the guards. He is, in our view, much too comfortable with telling less than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Then, there his almost paranoid secrecy. He refuse to release his Fairbanks North Slope Borough employment records. He refuses to talk to the Alaska news media, while showing up all over the Fox News channel.

From all this, it is difficult to say how he would fare as a very junior senator. It is easy to say that he is a lousy candidate.

He needs to know that Alaskans are growing weary of the gamesmanship he seems to enjoy; the skirting of the truth; the withholding of information. None of that can be good for Miller’s candidacy. None of that is good for Alaska.

In a way, Miller is doing us all a big favor. It it better to find out now about him than in a few years down the road.