Pardon us for noticing, but as the silly season continues to get sillier, the Joe Miller campaign for U.S. Senate is beginning to sound shrill and a bit silly itself.

Miller has gone well beyond simply blaming the media for his problems – an old, predictable and boring tack for politicians in trouble – he now is saying he will not talk about his past or answer personal questions. What are voters to think?
Add to that the apparent main planks of Miller’s campaign – Lisa Murkowski is mean because she is running against Miller and her daddy appointed her – and you have a prescription for a Miller disaster. If those are the only two issues Miller can hit her on, his campaign is in serious trouble. If that is all Miller has to offer, his chances of winning fade all the time.

Miller needs to answer any and all questions about himself and provide voters with a reason to believe in his character and provide a record for scrutiny.

Without that, his chances will fade.

The only question that remains is this: What is he trying to hide?