Open up, Joe

It seems we are not the only ones who have noticed with more than a little consternation that GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller has a problem answering reasonable questions.

Now, 40 Alaska Republicans – 13 of them members of the party’s central committee – have signed an open letter to Miller urging him to start answering questions from the media and voters about his background and qualifications.
“It is unacceptable – and certainly not a winning strategy – to explicitly refuse to answer reasonable questions about oneself, and to disrespect the Alaska public and the press’ right to do so before the questions have even been asked,” the Republicans said in the letter.

Some – Miller’s campaign, for instance, along with Alaska Republican Party chief Randy Ruedrich – are blowing off the letter, saying its signers are allied with Sen. Lisa Murkowski in her write-in bid to retain her seat.

“This is not unfair scrutiny,” the open letter said. “It is what the Founding Fathers foresaw voters considering when they wrote the U.S. Constitution. It is at best inconsistent and at worst hypocritical to conceal facts about one’s past while at the same time basing one’s campaign on a claim to respect the U.S. Constitution as the most important source of political legitimacy in the land.”

Miller, engaged in an unending effort to control the election discussion, keeps trying to focus the debate on what he wants voters to believe are the most important policy questions – anything but character – a tactic sure to backfire. For Alaskans, character matters and weasel-wording, or refusing to answer questions and shunning the Alaska press only raises more questions – about character. It also leave folks wondering: “What is he hiding?”

It’s time to open up, Joe.