GOP official calls for party to stop false mailers

A Republican Party official has filed a complaint over a series of mailings the Alaska Republican Party has sent in support of Joe Miller.

Carol Brenckle, Chair District 33, sent the complaint to the Alaska Republican Party Executive Committee and Rules Committee.

Here is the complaint:

Over the past week, the Alaska Republican Party (ARP) has sent out a series of mailers in support of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller. While it is clearly proper for ARP to support its candidates, it is unacceptable for the Party to spread false information about a candidate’s opponents, be they Democrats or, especially, Republicans.

By continuing to campaign for Joe Miller by stating that Lisa Murkowski “… supports cap and trade legislation,” the Alaska Republican Party is spreading misinformation about Alaska’s senior Republican U.S. Senator’s 8-year record in Washington. The most recent Alaska Republican Party mailer describes Senator Murkowski as a proponent of, “higher taxes, higher energy prices and higher unemployment.” Like the claim about cap and trade, this is categorically untrue.

The Alaska Republican Party is violating its own Statement of Principles by advocating for Joe Miller’s candidacy in this way. This will undermine the strength, cohesiveness, and long-term viability of the Alaska Republican Party, but in the short term, it increases the possibility of sending a second Democrat to Washington for six long years.

The Party’s Statement of Principles claims: “A well-educated population is fundamental to the continued success of our State.” Why then would the Party conduct a campaign that is “educating” voters by failing to perform even minimal due diligence on Mr. Miller’s false claims?

The ARP’s State of Principles also expresses strong support for “high ethical standards, transparency and accountability.” The Alaska Republican Party should adhere to the principles it claims to espouse when it sets expectations for “ethical, accountable and transparent” behavior. It is patently unethical for the ARP to disseminate false information about any candidate – and simply outrageous to lie about our sitting Republican Senator.

If the ARP cannot extol the virtues and record of its nominee, it should use its limited financial resources to attack Mr. Miller’s Democrat opponent and refrain from engaging in ugly and untrue assaults on our seated Republican senator.

I ask the Alaska Republican Party Rules Committee to direct those responsible for these violations to cease such attacks immediately. I further request an expedited hearing before the ARP Rules Committee so those responsible can defend their actions and apologize to Senator Murkowski and all Alaska Republicans.