Alaskans Standing Together not coordinating with Lisa Murkowski campaign

Anchorage, AK – On Tuesday, Oct. 19, the Joe Miller Campaign sent out a press release accusing Alaskans Standing Together of coordinating with Lisa Murkowski. Miller referred to an apparent error on the paperwork filed with the Federal Elections Commission which included the name “Lisa Murkowski” in the wrong box.

“Neither Lisa Murkowski nor her campaign is coordinating with Alaskans Standing Together,” said Alaskans Standing Together spokesman Jason Moore. “The form that I believe being referred to was an error that occurred in our initial filing of the report. Lisa Murkowski’s name was supposed to appear on the line that referred to which candidate our group was supporting. Barbara Donatelli, the treasurer of Alaskans Standing Together, is the one who was supposed to sign it. Apparently, as the form was being filled out, there were problems with the FEC website losing the information so the process had to be repeated multiple times to finally get the filing uploaded, and in that process the error was made.

“We apologize for any confusion. The error has been corrected and the FEC website should reflect the corrected information.”

Alaskans Standing Together was created by Alaska’s Native regional corporations, which represent more than 100,000 shareholders and descendants in Alaska. It is an independent expenditure committee formed under the rules of the Federal Election Commission.

The organizations that created Alaskans Standing Together include:

  • Ahtna, Incorporated
  • Aleut Corporation
  • Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
  • Bristol Bay Native Corporation
  • Bering Straits Native Corporation
  • Calista Corporation
  • Chugach Alaska Corporation
  • Cook Inlet Region, Inc.
  • Doyon, Limited
  • Koniag, Incorporated
  • NANA Regional Corporation
  • Sealaska Corporation