Alaska Republicans ask Miller to start talking

By Joshua Saul
Alaska Dispatch

Current and former members of the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee sent an open letter (PDF) to Senate candidate Joe Miller Wednesday morning, asking him to “honestly and directly answer all questions asked him by the public and the press.”

The letter is signed by 40 Republicans, including Sitka assemblyman Larry Crews, state Rep. Jay Ramras, former state House Republican Majority Leader and gubernatorial candidate Ralph Samuels, and Dick Coose, Alaska Republican Party chairman of District 1 in Ketchikan.

In an Oct. 11 press conference, Joe Miller said he would not answer any more questions about personal issues. Miller’s announcement was in response to reports that he had used borough equipment in the unsuccessful 2008 attempt to oust the state Republican Party Chairman. Miller later confirmed those reports in a CNN interview. On Oct. 17, when the editor of Alaska Dispatch attempted to ask Miller questions about that 2008 event, a private security detail hired by Miller handcuffed and detained him.

Miller is running against Democrat Scott McAdams and write-in candidate U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The list of people that signed the open letter to Miller includes at least some public Murkowski supporters.

The letter also brings up the conflict the signers see between Miller’s constant citing of the Constitution and his refusal to answer questions about his past:

This is not unfair scrutiny. It is what the Founding Fathers foresaw voters considering when they wrote the U.S. Constitution. It is at best inconsistent and at worst hypocritical to conceal facts about one’s past while at the same time basing one’s campaign on a claim to respect the U.S. Constitution as the most important source of political legitimacy in the land.